The Early Years

From 1990 through 1994 AMR campaigned a variety of cars in all of the Super classes, starting in Super Street and ending in Super Comp. It was always our goal to race in Competition Eliminator and the Super classes were a great starting place for us. From these bebinnings we were able to perfect our driving and tuning skills, learning all along the way the strategies necessary to be competitive.


This was our first year in Competition Eliminator and we raced in C/EA, although we struggled in the beginning we pulled it together mid-year to finish third (3) in our division and gain the respect of many racers.


With our rookie year behind us we were able to concentrate on trying to compete for a championship. Half-way through the year we switched to a new class - B/SR. We made a hard charge at the end of the year and came in fourth (4) in the world (19 points out of first) and second (2) in the division.


We started out the year in B/EA and finished in C/SR, winning two national events and four divisional events we secured our first National Championship and won the divisional title along the way


This was a year of learning, try as we did it was mired with breakage. We broke five motors this year, many of them in the first round of eliminatoins. A dismal attempt at defending our crown, but we finished eleventh in the world and second in the division. We vowed to get our engine program under control to minimize breakage.


We started the season on fire, at one point winning twenty-five rounds of eliminations in a row. We raced most of the year in D/EA and claimed two national events, three divisional wins, a big win in the all stars race, won the CAR CRAFT driver of the year. All this secured our second National Championship and another divisional championship.

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